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How Hist 4250 influenced me


December 2016

Abstract of My Project

My essay “Canadian Music? What’s That?” is about Canadian music. The thesis of my essay is diversity and different heritage influences are the key characteristics of Canadian music. It goes into detail of different cultures influencing Canadian music. I focus… Continue Reading →


Memoir writing played a very important role in this course because the central primary source was a memoir. What I find the most interesting about the historical method of memoirs is that is through the perspective of the writer. It… Continue Reading →


Storytelling was a historical method that played a large role in my project. Songs are essentially someone telling their story to a melody. One danger to storytelling is that the storyteller tends to play to their audience. This was evident… Continue Reading →

A. M. Henry’s Memoir Summary

Like all memoirs, this memoir is the story about the author, A. M. Henry. Through her writing, she describes how she and her family became who they did. It contains hilarious scenes and some more serious scenes. In this book… Continue Reading →

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