Feedback from my oral presentation provided essential clues to the final draft of my essay. I discovered I needed a concrete definition of Canadian music, so I added the Broadcasting Act to my essay. Feedback from this presentation also showed ways I could improve my future presentations. For example, I should check the volume of my background music before I start my presentation to make sure everyone can hear me. One interesting aspect that came from the discussion after my presentation was how Canadian music was different to everyone. Some people learned Canadian songs when they were in school while others did not. Because everyone seemed to come from different regions of Canada, it was neat to see my essay become concrete in the thesis that Canadian music is diverse and cannot be pinned down to one genre or even influence.

I also found it interesting the amount of people who think Canadian music was an interesting topic. This happened not only in the class but also when I discussed the topic with my friends and family. This definitely inspires to keep up with think of ways performing arts pertain to history. Personally, I found everyone’s topic unique which makes the class interesting. It was nice finding a way that I can stand out from other essays. Music seems to be something that few think of in regards to history, so I like thinking that my interest is my unique quality.

The feedback provided inspired me to change certain aspects of the essay, but it also inspired to continue on my line of work which was extremely beneficial. I think because I received mixed feedback, it benefited me to know what I was doing right and wrong. If I had received purely negative feedback, I would feel deflated, yet if I had received purely positive feedback, I would not have improved my essay the way I did.

It was important that I read and reflect on the feedback to get the most out of it. I always find it a waste of time for the person giving advice if the recipient does not listen to them, and I did not want to waste anyone’s time.