This is my story about how a Memory and Meaning class affected me. There are four components to this e-portfolio as evident from the menu at the top. The first category is about my project. There is an abstract of my essay, a page of songs  that, I feel, most clearly reflect Canadian music, the feedback I received from this project, what inspired me to write the essay, and what I would do differently. The second category is all about me. This category has posts that summarize my likes and dislikes that I have discovered throughout this course, what events throughout my life influenced me the most, what I learned from this class, and a summary of what I know about myself today. The third category describes A. M. Henry’s memoir. I give a summary of the memoir, some interesting conversations that came about in class because of the memoir, and what I took from the memoir. The final category  is about some of the methods we learned about in class. These methods include storytelling, memoir, microhistory, and biography. These methods have their pros and cons, yet they are all forms of history that educate the historian, and I enjoyed learning about each of them greatly. Overall, this e-portfolio is a reflection of my experience in Hist 4250.

All the images I use are a part of creative commons.