I am a fourth year History major student. I love cultural history especially entertainment history. When I started university, I thought I would major in theatre, but that quickly changed when I took a theatre history class and found my passion of history. This project helped me embrace my love for music history even more! I have performed in many theatre productions from a young age. I was born in Fort St. John, and I moved to Kamloops in the middle of my grade two year. Because of this, I am usually drawn to stories where a child has to move somewhere in the middle of the school year and find a way to fit in. I have worked at Sport Chek for five years. Working has affected my research because it has taught me to take advantage of every free second I have. I am minoring in English. Between History and English, one might believe I love writing, but that is not the case. What I like about both of these subjects is that they both involve critical thinking. There is no right or wrong answer. I like being able to explain my reasoning. I also plan on becoming a lawyer. I am not sure what type of lawyer yet but I am leaning towards international law. History helps me to this end point because much of history is about international relations. I also enjoy researching countries outside of Canada, so that could also be a contributing factor into why  I am leaning towards international law. Another thing I love is travelling. I love flying and the longer the flight the better for me. I love experiencing different cultures and learning about the different histories of each place. I have some of my best memories because of singing along to the radio or CD on a road trip. I have been incredibly lucky to have the experiences I have had in my life thus far.