How Hist 4250 influenced me

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Events that Shaped My Life

In this class I learned a lot about myself. One thing that I learned that is especially important is that I am drawn to entertainment. I discovered this when I was asked what kinds of lens I view my research…. Continue Reading →

What This Course Has Taught Me

This course has taught me so much about myself and the methods of history. I have learned that although each method of history is unique, they all add something to the field. I also thought that it was impossible to… Continue Reading →

Likes and Dislikes

Throughout the course, I have been focused with consciously determining my likes and dislikes so I can realize the biases I have every time I approach a different project. The first thing I noticed is that I tend to like… Continue Reading →

About ME, Helen Watson

I am a fourth year History major student. I love cultural history especially entertainment history. When I started university, I thought I would major in theatre, but that quickly changed when I took a theatre history class and found my… Continue Reading →

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