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I find biographies to be one of the most interesting forms of history. The biography, No Bleeding Heart: Charlotte Whitton – A Feminist on the Right, provided great insight into the life of Charlotte Whitton. Because the book was about the life… Continue Reading →


As defined by Sandwell, microhistory is the study of the “details of daily life in one place, and how they change over time.” (124) Microhistory is probably the genre that surprised me the most. Originally I thought it might be… Continue Reading →

What I Got From the Memoir

As evident from my choice of topic for my project, I got that music was essential in A.M. Henry’s Memoir. I thought it was interesting how her brother wanted to be a professional pianist (II /43). This interested me because… Continue Reading →

Class Discussion

A.M. Henry’s Memoir brought excellent class discussion. It is evident that each of us took something different out of the memoir. Some went with the idea of feminism in the memoir while someone else talked about women in sport, and… Continue Reading →

Likes and Dislikes

Throughout the course, I have been focused with consciously determining my likes and dislikes so I can realize the biases I have every time I approach a different project. The first thing I noticed is that I tend to like… Continue Reading →


This post ties into both my post about what A.M. Henry’s memoir meant to me and the events that shaped my life. I got the inspiration for my essay by looking at how music influenced Henry’s life. Music played a… Continue Reading →


Feedback from my oral presentation provided essential clues to the final draft of my essay. I discovered I needed a concrete definition of Canadian music, so I added the Broadcasting Act to my essay. Feedback from this presentation also showed… Continue Reading →

Abstract of My Project

My essay “Canadian Music? What’s That?” is about Canadian music. The thesis of my essay is diversity and different heritage influences are the key characteristics of Canadian music. It goes into detail of different cultures influencing Canadian music. I focus… Continue Reading →


Memoir writing played a very important role in this course because the central primary source was a memoir. What I find the most interesting about the historical method of memoirs is that is through the perspective of the writer. It… Continue Reading →


Storytelling was a historical method that played a large role in my project. Songs are essentially someone telling their story to a melody. One danger to storytelling is that the storyteller tends to play to their audience. This was evident… Continue Reading →

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